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Food Intolerance Screening Test

Take the Food Screening Test Questionnaire to see if this test could help you.

Do you love your food but it doesn’t love you back?

Food Intolerance Screening Test

Take the Food Screening Test Questionnaire to see if this test could help you.

Do you love your food but it doesn’t love you back?

Welcome to the What Can I Eat Network.

Here we are partnering people with products and services in Australia that support people with special dietary requirements or people who are wanting to follow specific dietary protocols that support their health needs.

From gluten free, dairy free, to paleo, keto and beyond, we are striving to finds foods in the marketplace that we can add to our pantries and share with the Australian consumer.

Food brands, in particular, are scattered all over the marketplace. From the big supermarkets, independent stores, health food, deli and coffee shops you can find fabulous products that will meet your dietary needs.

Our aim here with our online directory www.Whatcanieat.com.au is to bridge that gap so you can find your perfect match.

We also believe that there is not one diet that suits everyone. In fact, there are certain foods that only suit you and some don’t. With this in mind, we have partnered with a Food Screening Clinic to bring to you a unique Bio-Compatibility Food Test delivered simply via a small hair sample.

You may be someone following a speciality diet such as gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet, paleo or the like and are finding that you are still suffering from a whole array of annoying symptoms. I know I was in your shoes 20 years ago. Download a copy of our Ebook where I share my story and show you how incredibly easy it is to find out What You Can Eat and be well again.

Making it easy to find products to meet specific dietary and personal needs.

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