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Kylie Hollonds is the founder of the Whatcanieat.com.au Network for the past 9 years. She has been making it her mission to source products and services available to consumers in Australia. The consumers who are searching for food and personal care to suit their specific dietary, personal and lifestyle choices. Kylie also refers her clients to her Bio-Compatibility Hair Test protocol for those who have health challenges. These health problems are generally related to food and toxic exposure. Once we identify what foods and products are friend or foe we can then refer individuals to products and services through the online directory.

Kylie is also a partner in GK Gluten Free Foods, the national importer of GF Oats in Australia.


How we can help you!

Our lives revolve around food, eating as sustenance, as a social bonding activity or simply for enjoyment. Food intolerances and food allergies are shaping the way we view what goes inside more intensely than ever before, and it is no longer a straightforward process. Due to the ever-rising number of adults and children afflicted with suffering from what should be a fabulous part of life, we need to adjust our way of thinking, and shop and eat smart.

What Can I Eat has been working hard for 9 years developing a product list that assists you in loving your food, whilst remaining healthy and feeling energized throughout your busy day. We recommend and refer our followers to speciality foods available within the Australian marketplace.

Along the way, we have been intensively gathering information from you the consumer regarding your interest in alternative products for personal care and home care. In addition to food products, 85% of you would like to know what these manufactured goods contain. Consumers then have the ability to make informed choices about what toxins they are bringing into their homes, and subsequently into their bodies.

Food Test Questionnaire

Do you love your food but it doesn’t love you back?

We here at What Can I Eat believe that there is no ONE DIET FOR EVERYONE but there is a diet that will work for you and each individual. 

Take our special Questionnaire that will help you to identify how this test could help you discover what foods are causing your uncomfortable symptoms.

Primal Diet Type Questionnaire

There is no “one size fits all” solution. There is no magic pill to fix your problem. However, the results of a Food Bio-Compatibility Test can offer, is an in-depth picture of what foods and products are right for you. If you wish to go beyond treating the symptoms and begin a holistic approach to health and wellness, this is the place to start.

Food Screening Test

Ready to get started now?

Download the Food Screening Test order Form

“Are you tired of being controlled by your bodies reactions to Food?”

Discover “What you can Eat” with Bio-compatibility Food Screening Test


We hope you find the information on our Blog and Directory helpful to your journey.  Please feel free to contact us at info@whatcanieat.com.au if you need any help.

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