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Case Studies

My Story

My story is a great place to start with gut bloating, headaches, weight resistance to name a few. I found out that pork and chicken were not good for me and in fact when I inadvertently ate pork one night, I put on 1kg the next day. Coffee was making me bloat and gas along with milk. The headaches just disappeared when I eliminated the foods and items that were no good for me. Several years down the track I continue to support my gut and have been able to introduce many foods again that were causing me problems. Some of them, like wheat, still cause me problems, but only when used in excess.

Case Study One

Helen suffered for 15 years from Eczema. She had tried creams, lotions and potions over this time with only marginal results. After receiving the results of the Hair Test 500 and eliminating the foods indicated her Eczema had started to visibly clear within 4 days. The main offenders on the list were Lettuce, Chicken, Mushrooms and Whiskey.

Case Study Two

A lady came to me following the Paleo Protocol. She was experiencing gut pain, no energy, heavy black rings under her eyes. After taking the Hair Test 500 we found she was intolerant to beef and shellfish.

Case Study Three

A lady came to me (55 years old), she had reduced her choice of foods down so drastically that she was barely rotating a couple of dozen foods each day. We started the gut program and within 3 months she was starting to introduce some more foods back into her diet. She was feeling great and got through the winter with no flu. I explained to her that it takes approximately 1 month to heal for every year she had had her health issues, she decided to continue and introduce the detox plan as well.

Case Study Four

Jo was also confused as to what foods were no good for her.  She had had a similiar test before but a long time ago. Within 2 weeks of implementing the new protocol, taking out the foods that were causing her inflammation she had lost 3 kgs.

Case Study Five

I had a little girl that I was helping with asthma, sinusitis and rashes. Her grandmother reported that since she had been on this programme this little girl had not had any seizures and her doctor had taken her off all her medication. The big areas where we see a lot of improvement is in the digestive tract, chronic fatigue and behavioural problems in children. Along with this it still amazes me how eating the wrong foods can cause such pain and discomfort. I have seen amazing things happen when people feed their bodies correctly. Things like Broccoli causing headaches, all-bran causing a severe cough, a feather doona causing blocked sinuses. The list continues.

Case Study Six

Kylie, I just wanted to let you know how I am going after you recommended some products to help support some gut and bowel problems. I have experienced terrible bowel spasms causing enormous pain and discomfort, while on an elimination diet from the hospital. I started taking the products you recommended and stopped eating wheat and dairy which were part of the diet. Seriously within a couple of days, the bowel spasms had stopped along with the terrible pain. I have now taken the Food Test and realised that there were ½ dozen foods that were still part of the elimination diet protocol that was NO good for me. So I have swapped them for products that will work better for me. I am over the moon at how good I feel and have even introduced oats into my diet and am tolerating so many more foods. Thank you.

Case Study Seven

My daughter had been suffering from constipation for 8 months. It was extremely painful for her to go through and I was very distressed having to watch her in so much pain and not being able to help. We saw doctors who said that some children just go through constipation phases and use laxatives and she will grow out of it. The laxatives did nothing to help. I came across the Food Test and took a chance. The results showed that she was reacting to lactose and eggs and a few other things but as she was a big milk, yoghurt, cheese and egg eater I focussed on these items. Within in a few weeks she was having regular bowel movements and no pain. On Kylie’s advice, I also started her on a pro-biotic and she has never been healthier. Thank you

Case Study Seven: My friend with Burning hands

I caught up with a friend who came to me with severe burning and inflammation to her hands. As you can see from the before photos she was in a bad way. She had been to just about every health professional for guidance and had had very little relief. She took the food test and we discovered some very strange intolerances including lettuce, (yes lettuce), cashews and some proteins she was having regularly. These, of course, were just a few on the list but were the most bizarre. After just 3 months her hands of following the Food Test, mostly to the letter as there was Christmas in there AND she also followed the Return to Health Program. The results were remarkable, such an improvement as you can see from the before and after photos.
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In the many years of Bio-compatibility testing, some of the most amazing results I’ve seen are when seemingly unrelated conditions improve when people followed the programme.

The two conditions that surprised me the most were Psoriasis and Epilepsy. Psoriasis was the most difficult skin condition that I had to deal with. Since implementing this programme I have seen many people free from this terrible condition.

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