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Ok I want to go over with you some frequently asked questions that may assist you, if you are not sure about whether this test will deliver the results you are looking for, for yourself or a loved one. 

Sometimes the simplest of things don’t look as though will be effective, but I assure you this one is. 


Q. Why does it mean that most people have an underlying reaction or intolerance to foods, chemicals or the environment. Why do you think this is happening? 

A. With the advent of radical farming methods and produce storage, many foods have changed over the years. We now see foods that are genetically modified. Irradiated for long shelf life and the ever increase in chemicals used in farming and processing. The body’s systems are more overloaded more than ever before in history.

Q.What makes this test different to other tests, for example testing for IgE or IgG antibodies through a blood sample? 

A. Increased antibodies are the end result of a series of the body’s natural response mechanisms. Our testing is focused on repairing and/or stimulating cellular function. Good cellular function leads to good organ function, a good immune system, good digestion, good absorption and good elimination. In our test, we use WHOLE foods as they are eaten. Where a food is eaten raw and cooked we include both. This allows us to differentiate right down to brand names.

Q. Can you tell me more about the equipment you are using for hair analysis so I understand the technology a little more? 

This type of equipment has been around for around for over eighty years. We basically took existing German and American technology and “Australianised” it. The system we use today is the result of over 30 years of hard work in research and development using modern day technology.

Q. How long did it take to perfect the equipment and the test? 

Nothing is ever 100% and it would be foolish to make such a claim. Foods and eating habits are ever changing and technology is ever growing. My challenge today is to keep everything up to date.

Q. How long have you been doing Hair analysis this way? 

The system was first developed in 1990. Prior to that, we spent 8 years developing the system.

Q. How will this test help the average person improve their health? 

What concerned us was that many of our patients would get well while taking medications and supplements etc. However, once they stopped many of them would rebound. There had to be something underlying that was causing the rebound. It seemed that we should focus our therapy at improving cellular function as this is where we can first recognize most disease states. Researchers today say that inflammation is part of most disease states. Inflammation is often the result of eating incompatible foods. 

Someone once said, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. This is even more relevant today with the complexity of foods people eat. 

Q. Do you only work within Australia or do you have overseas clients as well? 

We can deliver this test now in 5 countries. All they have to do is pay for the test kit, send us the Hair Sample and we can process within a few days and return the results via email.

Q. Do you think a detox program should be implemented alongside this program? 

The body is in a continual state of detox. We used to call this elimination. I think that if there is a buildup of anything in the body then the elimination processes are not functioning properly. Many of our clients go through a purge and/or lose weight while on the programme, usually around 2 to 4 months. By this time their elimination processes have started to normalize and a detox programme can help if we feel it is necessary. Detox programmes will certainly remove buildup and help the repair process but unless the elimination processes are repaired as well, the buildup will reoccur.

Q. What is more important, the test or the programme? 

Any test only gives us information. How you use or manage that information gives results. While the test has to be very accurate the client needs to follow the instructions very closely to gain their best result.

Q. Can you explain the programme in a little more detail? 

The Food Test 500 is focused on foods that you CAN eat rather than what you react to. We give you a list of 500+ foods and household products. These items are clearly marked into groups, Items to use and items to avoid. So the instructions are very simple: use only the foods and products that test ok on your list. This testing is very specific right down to brand names.

Q. Do I need a follow-up test? If so how many? 

People are very different so their response to the programme differs greatly. One of the major features of our system is that we can modify the programme to suit the individual depending on how the client responds.

Most symptoms go away after 4-6 weeks on the programme, however, I recommend following this programme for 6 months. This gives the body time to repair. Retesting is recommended between 6 and 9 months. We find that around 75% of negative items will correct at this point. Some will remain and may take up later on. There may be a few new ones. The new ones are added to your first list for another 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks, we have a very strict protocol for reintroducing corrected items.

Q. I am currently following the Blood Type Diet. How does your programme work in this situation? 

There are many different eating plans. When a client is following any of these eating plans simply adjust their foods etc in line with the test results. We have noticed that medications, supplements and diets work much better when we incorporate our test results into their programme. Watch out for overdosing symptoms usually after 4-6 weeks on this programme.

Q. What is involved in your Return to Health Program and why do I need to heal the Gut?

Please refer to our Return to Health Page

Q. What are the toxins we need to avoid in our homes and environment?

Is your home making you Sick?

Someone once said, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. This is even more relevant today with the complexity of foods people eat. 

Final Words 

The simplicity of this Testing and Follow-up Support Program enables you to get yourself on track in a quick, easy and manageable manner. This may just be the missing link you were looking for as we are all taught, preached to and led to believe that food is our medicine. Don’t get me wrong I believe this to be true, BUT, if you are here, something isn’t right and I will bet that that is food. We eat it every day, so why doesn’t it make sense that it is probably the culprit, not all foods now, but certainly something isn’t any good for you.

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