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Six ways to reduce waste in lunchboxes

Some waste saving ideas to apply to school lunch boxes – School lunches can produce lots of waste from plastic wrapping to chip packets and sealed snack bags. Waste-free lunches are designed to eliminate the use of unnecessary packaging. You can do this be using reusable products that are environmentally friendly. This means no excess waste is produced in the making or consumption of school lunches.

By reducing packaged and processed foods and introducing fresh whole foods to create waste-free lunches.  It is also an easy way to help ensure your child is consuming food that is nutritious and less toxic.

Tracey Bailey, founder of Biome Eco Stores lists six ways to reduce waste in lunchboxes for school.


The thought of packing good cutlery into a child’s lunch box can be worrying for some parents. Instead give your child the responsibility of taking care of their own cutlery. Purchase a set that comes with a storage bag. This will ensure your cutlery won’t get lost. And will also prevent you from purchasing disposable plastic cutlery that takes over 100 years to decompose.

Cloth napkins

The convenience of disposable paper napkins or towels make it appealing to pack one in to your child’s lunchbox. However, this single use product contributes greatly to landfill and destroys our natural resources. Instead pack a reusable napkin and wash it after each use.

Lunch wraps

A common lunchtime meal consumed by children every year are sandwiches which are usually packaged in plastic wrap or aluminium foil. These methods contribute to excess environmental waste. Instead, try a reusable lunch wrap made from fabric. It will keep your child’s sandwich fresh without the use of plastic or aluminium foil wrapping and can be washed and used again.

Bento boxes

Bento-style lunch boxes are a fun and waste free way to package nutritious food for your child’s lunch. The range of compartments allow you to provide a variety of different foods for your child to consume. From blueberries to rice, dried fruit or vegetables, this style lunch box is fun, nontoxic and completely waste free.

Water bottle

Disposable plastic water bottles are becoming a major environmental issue. They significantly contribute to landfill every year. They also litter our oceans and extract valuable natural resources from our planet. Instead of giving your child a plastic disposable water bottle or pre-packaged juice opt for a reusable stainless steel or PBA free plastic bottle.

Reusable pouches and plastic free container

Single use plastic zip lock bags contribute greatly to landfill and harm our planet in many ways. Instead of using single use plastic zip lock bags try reusable pouches or plastic free containers to store food. These reusable items will significantly reduce your household contribution to landfill.

Article Submitted by Tracey Bailey, founder of Biome: www.biome.com.au
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